Eating Asian Food For Good Health

Asian food consists of a variety of fresh fruits and veggies, nutrient filled soups and high protein meats such as pork, chicken and beef, making it a healthy and filling meal. Most Asian foods are very low in fat as most of the recipes require only a very small amount of vegetable oil for cooking. The following nutrients are why Asian food is highly recommended by nutritionists:

Omega 3 - Healthy fats that are in a number of Asian foods such as mussels, crabs and even abalones.

Vitamin E - All nuts and seeds including cashews, almonds and peanuts are a great source of vitamin E.

Phytoestrogens - This is the main ingredient in tofu and all soy drinks and products. This happens to be a very “heart healthy” food.

Antioxidants - Green vegetables, herbs, garlic and onions. For beverages green tea is the best source for antioxidants.

Benefits to Your Health From Eating Asian Food

1. All of these fresh, delicious foods are not only healthy for your heart, but they are also protective against cancers and the dreading aging process. By consuming fresh veggies and antioxidants on a daily basis, it will help decrease the amount of wrinkles and skin expansion that begins because of aging.

2. Asian food is a great diabetes diet as it is low is sugars and very high fresh fruits and vegetables. Although doctors will not necessarily tell you to go on an Asian food diet, everything mentioned by them to you on what to eat is all what is offered in Asian cuisines.

3. Individuals who are starting a weight loss program are very likely to start out by eating Asian food for their dietary needs because of the low sugar and evenly spaced carbohydrates in the meals.


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