Eating Asian Food For Good Health


A Romantic Home Dinner Date

It is always a huge step in a relationship when people cook for one another. A meal is an expression of caring and attention. Many people work hard to plan and cook the perfect meal. A caring person respects the dietary needs of their partner. Those that want a meal low in fat and calories can turn to East Asian food. These meals are cooked with fresh ingredients, but they are loaded with flavor and color.

Soup is always a good way to start off a meal. It is warm, tasty and limits the amount of food a diner will eat. Many people watching their weight consume soup before a meal. Egg drop soup has long been a favorite appetizer in East Asian cuisine. It is low in calories, tasty and high in protein. Vegetables are an integral part of this cuisine. Choose beautiful fresh vegetables and steam them. They retain all their nutrients and are a tasty part of any East Asian dish.

Lo-mein and chow-mein are popular dishes that are high in fiber, low in fat. They consist mainly of vegetables. The difference is that lo-mein vegetables are chopped finer than chow-mein. Stir frying the ingredients offers a way to cook quickly with little fat. The choice of meats available with these vegetables is often chicken, pork or shrimp. Choose the one your date will like and score some good cooking points.

Desserts are often not considered when cooking East Asian foods. Offering a selection of fruits after the meal is a good way to end it with a sweet course. Try serving mangosteen. This is a tangy but sweet fruit with a purple shell is becoming more available in local markets. Snake fruit is another good choice for an interesting dessert. It has a red rind but tastes like pineapple.