Eating Asian Food For Good Health


Cooking Utensils Needed For Asian Cooking

Steamer: A steamer is a utensil that is needed for almost all Asian foods. In order to keep the natural, fresh taste of vegetables and meats, they must be steamed. If these food types are cooked in an oven or frying pan, the food will release the moisture into the air, leaving the food dry and practically tasteless. Depending on whether or not you are running an Asian food business or just cooking for the family there are a large variety of steamers on the market for you to choose from.

Wok: With a unique name, this kitchen utensil serves a very unique purpose that is the key to making perfect Asian foods. This utensils allows you to pan fry, stir fry, deep fry and steam foods as well. At all times the wok needs to be coated with a very thin layer of oil to help decrease the risk of rust and damages from low humidity. Because of the great benefits of the wok, this utensil is widely used in Asian restaurants around the world. Although the price range may be a little on the higher side, it is certainly a good investment as the food cooked by the wok is nothing less than perfect.

Clay Pot: A clay pot is a very fundamental utensil used in many Asian homes and restaurants. This particular type of pot is used for stove top cooking and keeps your food piping hot for at least 1-2 hours after the soup is done cooking. This is very beneficial to restaurants as you can leave the soup in the pot as you wait for your customers to order this delicious dish you have created. Be sure to always leave your pot holders on the handles to ensure yourself that no one will come behind you and try to grab the handles, not knowing how hot they are.